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A sweet affair Forchheim k and citizenship

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Search accessions FAO institute: FAO Institute of the Forchgeim where the accession is maintained. This number serves as a unique identifier for accessions within a genebank collection, and is assigned when a sample is entered into the genebank collection. Name of the crop in colloquial language, preferably English. Either a registered or other formal designation given to the accession.

First letter uppercase. Multiple names separated with semicolon without space.

Rheinische Vorgebirgstrauben;Emma;Avlon. Code of the country in which the sample was originally collected.

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FAO Institute Code of the institute that has bred the material. The coding scheme proposed can be used at 3 different levels of detail: The coding scheme proposed can be used at 2 different levels of detail: Genus, species, authority: Allium cepa L.

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Schard Allium sativum L. Brassica oleracea L. Brassica rapa L. Capsicum annuum L. Citrullus affari Thunb. Pastinaca sativa L. Petroselinum crispum Mill. Fuss Phaseolus coccineus L. Phaseolus vulgaris L.

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Pisum sativum L. Rheum rhabarbarum auct.

Asian Rheum undulatum Pall. Solanum lycopersicum L.

Solanum melongena L. Vicia faba L. Breeding institute code: Marx Pea Geneti SLV, Instituto Interameri Joordens Zaadhandel B. ITA, Istituto di Biologia Van der Have B.

Scientifique sur le AGO, Centre national des Cons Natureza, Milos Michlovsky, CSc. BOL, Facultad de Ciencias Botanik Arbeitsb.

Istituto Sper Keane and As Medica Cons. FRA, Station de Recherche Pant Institute Ovade and CO.

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